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Surreal Portraits
Portrait of Karoll
Portrait of Rafael Lago
Portrait of Barbara Oliveira
Portrait of Luc Venturim
Portrait of Isabela Almeida
Portrait of J.P.
Portrait of Renata Caixeta, 2020.
Portrait of Fernanda Milhomen
Portrait of Cristiani Telles
Portrait of Daniel Rattu

Your Surreal Portrait

Original, personal and unique


I am a visual artist (BA of Fine Arts) and post graduated in Analytical Psychology. The world of the symbolic, the imaginary and the unconscious has always attracted me and it is my greatest passion: to see what cannot be seen just with the eyes.


The RetroAtos arose from the excitement of seeing and rescuing images hidden in the portraits. Along with this, a study with quantitative and qualitative researches is being developed.


A Portrait, A Study


Do the unconscious meet through art? Is there any visionary, psychic and / or intuitive content inside those portraits? If you are also fascinated by this and like my work, come on board with me to this imaginary adventure!



Be sure you want to be seen from my point of view, some strange bugs, animals, monsters, people, ghosts, rainbows, butterflies, skulls can come out of your face. People who are ugly can even look good, but the opposite is easier to happen! We never know lol. There are no guaranties, I don’t know what is going to appear.


WhatsApp + 55 61 99852-2505

Obrigada pelo envio!

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