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Tatyani Quintanilha

Born in Brasília (Brazil) and based in Montreal (Canada), Tatyani Quintanilha is known for her dark soft pastels drawings which depict her inner view of social human relations, especially regarding to the human bodies and values.

Since childhood she is interested in the figurative, especially the human figure and its fantastic or symbolic representations. Her adolescence was marked by chronic kidney disease and several periods of social withdrawal for health care, which remain to this day, and where drawing plays an essential role. She graduated in Fine Arts and did postgraduate in Analytical Psychology.

Her work is disturbing and causes fear in some people and reflection in others. Dry pastel, charcoal and pencils on large-format crumpled paper refer to raw and primitive, where we can find expressionism and existentialism. Her main influence is Francisco Goya, the “Black Paintings” in the Quinta del Sordo (1820-1823). She participated in exhibitions in Brazil and recently moved to Montreal where she produces surrealist portraits and works in a series on the current situation of the world, the pandemic.

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